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The Africa Economic Development Institute (AEDI) is dedicated to fostering development and discussion between figures in African economics and adding value to the meaningful progress of the African continent. AEDI will develop a coalition of top economic professors and analysts worldwide who perform research in their areas of expertise. Our principal goals are to act as a source of knowledge about the economic markets of Africa and to serve as a place where interested professionals can interact and further the mission of AEDI. AEDI does not consider itself headquartered in any specific location; although AEDI maintains a single web-operations office in North America, we are global in identity. AEDI is not supported by any government or political entity.

AEDI Mission Statement:

  • Our mission is to add value to the meaningful progress of the African continent and its citizens as we understand that the time is upon us to make the developmental changes that the continent needs.
  • Our mission is to encourage transparency of information within and among African nations by delivering a reliable, precise and interactive flow of pertinent information about economic markets. We feel that a more transparent business climate will benefit every African nation.
  • Our mission is to deliver precise market information to our member readers. We believe that reliable economic data leads to a better understanding of regional issues and discernment of solutions for the problems in these regions.
  • Our mission is to generate a healthy atmosphere of information exchange for the growing African market. This interactive flow of information will create a favorable business climate from which every African nation stands to benefit.
  • Our mission is to achieve our goals by creating an interactive educational community and the dissemination of information through various forums.
    These forums include business conferences, web seminars Africa Economic InstituteAEDI Webinars, newsletters Africa Economic Institutethe AEDI Exclusives and business reports, Africa Economic InstituteAEDI Special Articles.