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Ghana welcomes UK High Commission for second time

<!-- @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> The British High Commission is going to visit Ghana for two days next week. The object of the visit is businesses opportunities between two countries. The International Business Director of Abetdeen & Grampian Chamber of…

The British High Commission is going to visit Ghana  for two days next week. The object of the visit is businesses opportunities between two countries. The International Business Director of Abetdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce said;”It’s is unusual for trade delegates to obtain such immediate and favorable results and this can be attributed in part to the early development stage of Ghana’s oil and gas industry but more importantly to its stable and transparent Business environment and long-standing trading relationship with UK. I am accompanied by 15 more UK Business delegates on this visit and I am sure that they will also find Ghana to be an excellent investment destination.”

Ghana is currently the British eighth biggest export market in Africa. There are also opportunities to trade in oil and gas, agriculture and agri-processing.


Woodwards said;” “With the continued appraisal and development of the Jubilee field and other discoveries such as Tweneboa, Ghana is about to take its place as a significant African oil producer with the tantalizing prospect of future large-scale discoveries in this new-found oil province. It is attracting new International investment interest as evidenced by the recent signature of petroleum agreements with Vanco and Lukoil.”


The UK High Commission has developed and implemented work with British Department for International development and focus to achieve strategies.  The goals are provide a flexible global network serving the whole of British Government, prevent and resolve conflicts, promote a low carbon, high growth. Also, the Commission manages projects funded by the UK Foreign Ministry’s Africa – Conflict Prevention Programme to promote sustainable peace.


The group has £330 000 for 2009 to invest in reducing the risk of conflict by promoting issue-based campaigning ahead of the December 2008 election, effective media coverage of the elections, and increased participation in the political process by young people, Muslims and women.  The Commission will help to create elections in Cote d’Ivoire, also increasing awareness of climate change and its impact on Africa supporting the Ghanaian Government in tackling illegal migration.  Finally, it is raising awareness of the threat people smuggling poses to stability building Ghanaian capacity to combat serious crime, including drug trafficking and money laundering strengthening UK-Ghana commercial ties.

UK is going to invest £250m in Ghana in the next three years to reduce poverty, promoting trades and supporting development.