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Pirates of Somalia

I – Introduction

This study examines the issue of Somali piracy and its Geo-political and economic impact on the region. Three main issues are examined; First issue, answers the posed question “what is piracy? and who are the pirates?” for the reader. The second issue discusses the Somali piracy dilemma and its strategic significance. Finally, the third issue assesses the impact of piracy on Somalia and the global response.

Concerning the question posed, “What is piracy? And who are the pirates?”, a little historical background on the topic will be examined briefly. The rising phenomenon of piracy will ...

The Failing Economy of Zimbabwe


Amid the harsh economic times that global markets are experiencing, the word ‘economy' has come to be closely associated with concepts of money. What is often forgotten is that the science of economics is a much broader field that encompasses how scarce resources are disbursed throughout a population. This differentiation is important when looking at the current global economic crisis because giving more money to certain countries will not necessarily put that country in a better economic position. These countries suffer from certain inefficiencies that are embedded in their infrastructure.

This article will take a ...