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Zambian Coffee Production Falls 50%

The Zambian Coffee Growers Association reported that Zambia’s coffee production might halve in the 2008-2009 harvesting season due to insufficient funds and investment and is asking the government to “save the industry from collapse”.

They reported that production fell to an average 1,800 metric tons during the 2007-2008 harvesting season and a deeper fall of more than 50 percent is expected for the 2008-2009 season from May to September.  Joseph Taguma, the association’s general manager affirms that farmers would “…be able to double output of coffee and meet demand on local and foreign markets if funding was available.”


Farmers have been driven from coffee- growing due to bank’s requirements for guarantees on loan payments. They need $10 and $20 million to buy more land and meet demand for local, European and Nordic markets. It has also been reported that the number of small-scale farmers has decreased from 200 to 41 in the last year.

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