Quick Facts

Official Name Republic of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Capital Harare
Location Southern Africa, between South Africa and Zambia
Area total: 390,580 sq km land: 386,670 sq km water: 3,910 sq km
Climate tropical; moderated by altitude; rainy season (November to March)
Terrain mostly high plateau with higher central plateau (high veld); mountains in east
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Trade Agreements

African Free Trade Zone Agreement (AFTZ)

The leaders of three African trading blocs signed an agreement to create a free trade zone of 26 countries with a GDP of an estimated $624bn (£382.9bn). It is hoped the deal will ease access to markets within the region and end problems arising from the fact several countries belong to multiple groups.The deal also aims to strengthen the bloc's bargaining power when negotiating international deals.Analysts say the agreement will help intra-regional trade and boost growth.The three blocs which struck the deal were the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the East African Community (EAC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa).The agreement will also lend its backing to joint infrastructure and energy projects in the zone.

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Cotonou Agreement

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The Cotonou Agreement is aimed at the reduction and eventual eradication of poverty while contributing to sustainable development and to the gradual integration of ACP countries into the world economy. The revised Cotonou Agreement is also concerned with the fight against impunity and promotion of criminal justice through the International Criminal Court. The agreement also provides for reciprocal trade agreements, meaning that not only the EU provides duty-free access to its markets for ACP exports, but ACP countries also provide duty-free access to their own markets for EU exports.

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South African Development Community (SADC)- Free Trade Area

 The SADC FTA is the culmination of years of work, which started when SADC members signed the SADC Trade Protocol in 1996. The protocol, which came into effect in 2000, does away with customs tariffs on many goods, mainly foodstuffs, and was a precursor to the establishment of the FTA. Some 170-million people live within the SADC FTA. As such, the initiative is expected to provide more opportunities for trade and employment, and will herald a surge of economic growth, industrialisation and competition among companies. According to SADC, regional trade is likely to increase from its current annual value of about R2.8-trillion to R3.4-trillion ($360-billion to $431-billion).

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Zimbabwe - Malawi Trade Agreements

Implemented in 1995, this is a reciprocal trade agreement, with 25 percent domestic value added requirements. Arrangements are characterized by implementation problems, in particular with regards to rules of origin, and no dispute settlement mechanism. As of 2002 it was under re-negotiation. Aims to encourage and stimulate trade between Zimbabwe and Malawi, through the elimination of tariffs and other non-tariff barriers to trade.

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Zimbabwe - Namibia Trade Agreement

A reciprocal agreement in effect since 1992, subject to rules of origin which require at least 25 percent local content for manufactured goods and that Zimbabwe and Namibia should, as exporters, be the last place of substantial manufacturing. Other eligible products include mineral and vegetable products, live animals and their products.

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Zimbabwe - South Africa Trade Agreement

A duty free regime or preferential tariff quota applies to items including dairy products, potatoes, birds, eggs. Specified types of woven fabric, for example cotton, are subject to concessional tariff rates when they meet the specified levels of Zimbabwean content: 75 percent in most cases. Most recent version of the agreement was signed in August 1996 at which time the tariffs and quotas on textile imports into South Africa were lowered.   Aims to encourage and stimulate trade between Zimbabwe and South Africa through the elimination of tariffs and other non-tariff barriers to trade.

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Trade Organizations

African Cotton and Textile Industry Federation (ACTIF)

ACTIF is a trade body that aims to promote specific concerns of the industry and promote improved competitiveness in both regional and global market place. Membership emphasis on private sector “ownership” with strong allegiance of nationally based trade institutions. ACTIF comprises of an Executive and four action committees: 1) Global Trade Initiatives, 2)Investment and Finance, 3)Inter-Regional Trade and Supply Chain, 4)Production, Ginning and Lint Trade

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Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)

The purpose of COMESA is to create high standards of living for all its people ready to merge into an African Economic Community.

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Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa (COFTA)

COFTA is composed of 70 member organizations from 30 Africa countries. It is a grass root organization that aims toward Fair Trade. Aims to provide a forum for collaboration and networking amongst AFTO and develop the fair trade movement and the economic empowerment of the disadvantaged African producers.

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