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Cape Town: African City of Inspiration

Cape Town is going to host 2010 World Cup, which represents a huge economic boost for the whole South African cities. Group of 200 businessmen are committed to discuss the future of the Cape Town city region (CTCR). The organization of Accelerate Cape town is called Vision 2030, focusing in develop a plan for the CTCR twenty years after the World Cup.

"The 2010 World Cup represents the greatest economic boost the province can expect for some time, but we don’t want to party through 2010 only to wake up and suffer a bout of depression because we don’t know what to do next,” says Accelerate Cape Town CEO Guy Lundy. “Vision 2030 is business’s contribution towards the thinking on how we create sustainable growth and prosperity for everyone in the Cape Town city region over the long-term, developing a more equal and just society in ways that are environmentally sensitive.  It helps us to draw a roadmap of how to develop our economy so that we truly can be considered Africa’s Global City, a city of inspiration and innovation, by 2030.”

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