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Gas Pipeline from the Sahara to the Mediterranean

Algeria, Niger and Nigeria recently signed an agreement to build pipeline to transport Nigerian gas across the Sahara to the Mediterranean.

So far, the project is estimated to cost about $13 billion, and companies such as France's Total, Anglo-Dutch firm Shell and Russia's Gazprom are a few of the many companies interested in participating in the project. The pipeline will run 2,580 miles.


There has been interest in this project for a long time now, but investment and unclear regulatory environment in Nigeria made a few investors weary.


European Union nations are eager about the project because they want to diversify their gas supplies and reduce their dependence on Russian gas, due to the increasing price disputes. However, Gazprom already signed "a separate $2.5 billion deal with Nigeria’s state-owned gas" to build new gas refineries, pipelines and power stations in Nigeria.

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