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France to Reform Morroco's Infrastructure Projects

According to official sources in Rabat, the second agreement, signed by Minister of Equipment and Transport Karim Ghellab and Lagier, provides for €60 million to finance the second national programme of rural roads.

The third agreement, signed by the director general of the Agency for the Management Buregreg Valley, and Lemghari Essakl Lagier, devotes a loan of €45 million for the partial financing of the infrastructure of the Rabat-Salé tram.

This project is part of the development agenda of sustainable and integrated public transport in both cities.

The Moroccan government has signed three loan agreements worth 1,700 million dirhams (155 million euros) with the French Development Agency (AFD) to finance the reform of the education system, rural roads rehabilitation and the infrastructure projects for Rabat.The loan agreement was signed by Minister of Economy and Finance, Salaheddine Mezouar, the director of the AFD in Rabat, François Lagier, and the ambassador of Morocco in France, Jean-Francois Thibault.

The first batch of the financing of €50 million is expected to be released soon according to Rabat sources and will focus on reforming the education system in Morocco.

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