Africa Trade AgreementsAfrica Trade Agreements

Africa Trade Agreements

European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and Southern Africa Costums Union (SACU) Free Trade Agreement

Countries Involved:Africa Economic Institute Iceland, Africa Economic Institute Liechtenstein, Africa Economic Institute Norway, Africa Economic Institute Switzerland, Africa Economic Institute Botswana, Africa Economic Institute Lesotho, Africa Economic Institute Namibia, Africa Economic Institute South Africa, Africa Economic Institute Swaziland,
Area of Cooperation:Goods( marine products, agricultural goods, industrial goods), competition, intellectual property, services, investments, dispute settlement, co-operation
Signed at: 2006
Inforce from: 2008

The Free Trade Agreement between the EFTA States and the SACU States was signed in Höfn on 26 June 2006.  The Agreement covers trade in goods and lays the foundation for a further engagement of the Parties with regard to intellectual property, investment, trade in services and public procurement. A Joint Committee is established for the supervision and administration of the Agreement, and provisions are included providing for consultations and dispute settlement procedures.


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