Africa Trade AgreementsAfrica Trade Agreements

Africa Trade Agreements

European Union - South Africa Trade, Development and Co-operation Agreement (TDCA_)

Countries Involved:Africa Economic Institute Tanzania, Africa Economic Institute South Africa,
Area of Cooperation:goods, services and capital
Signed at: 1999

Their main objective is to create a free-trade area between South Africa and the EU over an asymmetric, transitional period of 12 years - which means that the EU and South Africa will open their markets to each other at a different pace.

  Extended Topics:


(a) to provide an appropriate framework for dialogue between
the parties, promoting the development of close relations
in all areas covered by this Agreement;

(b) to support the efforts made by South Africa to consolidate
the economic and social foundations of its transition


(c) to promote regional cooperation and economic integration
in the southern African region to contribute to its
harmonious and sustainable economic and social

(d) to promote the expansion and reciprocal liberalisation of
mutual trade in goods, services and capital;

(e) to encourage the smooth and gradual integration of South
Africa into the world economy;

(f) to promote cooperation between the Community and
South Africa within the bounds of their respective powers,
in their mutual interest.

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