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Africa Trade Agreements

US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Countries Involved:Africa Economic Institute United States of America, Africa Economic Institute Morocco,
Area of Cooperation:Goods, services, intellectual property and investment
Signed at: 2004
Inforce from: 2006

The Agreement entered into force on January 1, 2006. At that time, tariffs for more than 95 percent of qualifying consumer and industrial goods were immediately eliminated. Remaining tariffs for most remaining qualifying goods will be eliminated over a nine-year period from the date the Agreement entered into force. For a limited number of products, tariffs will be eliminated over a period of up to 15 years. Currently U.S. exports to Morocco are subject to an average tariff of over 20 percent.

The agreement also offers new access to services, intellectual property protection, a predictable legal framework for U.S. investors, open and fair government procurement, and strong protections for labor and environment.

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